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this is my second time playing. i still have the same reaction as before. i love it so much, yet it made me almost cry. as i have said in the past, there needs to be a secret ending where they both live.

Thank you so much for the kind words :) I'm very glad that you enjoyed it

I dabbed when I should have yeeted :(

this was so cuuuute loved i

Glad that you enjoyed it! :)

i ended the world for my good doggo boi... 

(great game btw so cute and love the simple art style, wonder what you'll make in the future!)

Thank you :)

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very sad, yet also very wholesome. 99/10.

you should add a secret ending where the dog lives on with you and becomes Death's dog.

Also, i did mean 99/10, not 99/100.

Thank you very much for the amazing feedback!


Awesome game, must win the game jam

Thank you!