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1-Bit tileset using only black and white.

Each of them is drawn by hand and is exported a spritesheets with transparent background. The tile size is 32x32 pixels.

These graphics should work for RPG Maker but might have to be edited to suit a specific version (e.g. it has to be rescaled to 48x48 to work on MV).

Feel free to use it however you want (CC-0). 
Attribution is appreciated but not required!

If you'd like to support my work, feel free to check out my patreon, it'd help a lot!


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tileset_32x32_1bit.png 14 kB


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Hello! Just bought your pack and I must say I'm very happy with it! It's just perfect. I know you're probably busy and such, but I was wondering if maybe you have a fitting 1-bit human-character sprite reference that would fit this tileset handy? I see one on the example picture, which made me curious of its style. It would of course be super useful if it came with walking frames for engines of the rpgmaker type.

No worries if not, still super happy from my purchase! Thanks again!


Hey! First of thanks for supporting me, it's really appreciated.

Of course you can have the example from the image :) Hope I was able to help!

Great pack. Thanks

Thank you for your feedback!

Any chance you can convert this as a 16x16?

Scaling down is always paired with a loss in detail. I could downscale it with software but I doubt that it would look nice. Do you need specific tiles/assets of this tileset? I could redraw a few for you in 16x16 and maybe I might create a whole 16 x 16 1 bit tileset in the future :)

Yeah, I tried scaling it down, but lost all the detail. The stone/grass tiles and a tree is what I need.

Will see if I can redraw them for you :) could you specify which stone tiles exactly?

The one in the first column, same row as the stairs. That one is cool. Thanks.

I hope this suits your needs :)

Oh wow, these look really cool, I like the textures/dithering a lot! :D

Thank you :)