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Great pack. Thanks

Thank you for your feedback!

Any chance you can convert this as a 16x16?

Scaling down is always paired with a loss in detail. I could downscale it with software but I doubt that it would look nice. Do you need specific tiles/assets of this tileset? I could redraw a few for you in 16x16 and maybe I might create a whole 16 x 16 1 bit tileset in the future :)

Yeah, I tried scaling it down, but lost all the detail. The stone/grass tiles and a tree is what I need.

Will see if I can redraw them for you :) could you specify which stone tiles exactly?

The one in the first column, same row as the stairs. That one is cool. Thanks.

I hope this suits your needs :)

Oh wow, these look really cool, I like the textures/dithering a lot! :D

Thank you :)