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13 different animated effects.

Each of them is exported on it's own sheet with a transparent background ordered by row. Every asset has its dimensions on the file name.

I've used the Endesga 32 Palette to create these. These assets are Royalty-Free. You may use them in any of your projects commercially and non-commercially alike. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

AssetWidth (px)
Height (px)
Attack (Single red scratch)
Blue Fire Big
Crystal Growing
Dark Fire
Explosion Long
Red Fire Big
Red Fire Small1658
Blue Fire Small1454
Level Up102135


- Added Slash animations due to a request from Lucavious

- Added Level Up animation without text due to a request from Insbilla

- Added Purple Fire animation due to a request from Kouka (Preview in the comments)


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

animations.zip 1 MB
slash.zip 7 kB
Level_Up_Without_Text.zip 75 kB
purple_fire.zip 44 kB


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Excuse me, I don't quite understand the question.

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These seem really familiar like they were made with Particle FX Designer

I suppose you mean Pixel FX Designer? That's because I use a similar technique to what Pixel FX Designer (probably) uses, but I use Godot's particle engine instead of gamemaker's. I've written an explanation on that here

Hey Stealthix2! i hope i'm not exaggerating in my demands, if possible and if you have time of course, could you please make a Purple Fire Big? like the blue and red one, if you have time of course, Vielen Danke in advance :D.


Will do in the next 24 hours and add it to the pack :) thanks for the suggestion

The fact that you'll consider doing that is alone great! take your absolute time :D, thanks!


Like this?

Good job! i like it so much :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Glad that you like it :) It's added to the downloads

Thank you so much :D, do you have any email where i can send you what i've been cooking with your assets so far ? since it's my first "official" game i still don't want to share anything in public yet.

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i have to say, that's a great work 


Thank you very much!

Hello, nice animations, I purchased them, but can you please send me the Level Up animation without the text??? I don't want "Level Up" text inside the animations :(

Please can you do it?

Will do in a few days and update the pack then :)

Hello, thanks a lot for removing the text, I like the new animations :)

It's added to the pack now :) Hope it suits your needs!

Really nice vfx pack ! It matches nicely with the Shots one :D

If it's not much trouble could you export the level up ring without the text? If it's a hassle dw about it , I will just clean it up on aseprite or something.

Thank you :)

If you don't mind waiting a week I can surely do that for you!

That sounds great ! Really appreciate it.

It's added to the pack now :) Hope it suits your needs!