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Three different fire animations in three different colors.

I've used the Endesga 32 Palette to create these.
This asset is released under CC-0, you may use it however you want

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- Added black color due to Kouka's request

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Tags2D, Animation, fire, Pixel Art
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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Hi :) I used the blue fireball in my time-survival game on steam:


The asset pack and you are listed in the credits :)

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Thank you for these great effects! I used them as attacks in my new mobile game THE RISE OF ABELOTH! Download it for FREE and let me know what you think!



Hello, Thank you very much for the work on these they are fantastic. I was kinda hoping you might be able to do a white flame. Have an idea where the RGB flames combine. Thank for your consideration about this.

Can I use this asset in commercial project?


Hello.  I love the fireball sprites!  However, I just bought the download, and I only see sprite sheets - shouldn't there also be a plist file of somesort?  

Ok, nm.  Found a tool to do this - just wanted to make sure I cut and assemble in the intended order.

If you can forward me to an example of such a plist I can see if I may add them :)

Great assets, I used them in my mini-game (credited you of course).
It's not much, I'm still a newbie, but hey we all have to start somewhere. Have a wonderful day!


Hey there! Thanks for crediting me :) I hope you had fun making the game!


O que outras pess

hello, I can use it for commercial purposes

oas estão dizendo

Could you repeat that in english?

> hello, I can use it for commercial purposes

Yes, you may use this for commercial purposes

Thank for share

I promise I only use them for study - no business ^^

Hi! I plan to use your designs for my game of Destiny Oblivion

The fire sprite looks so beautiful it was perfect. Thanks for this Stealthix. You're in my credits I used it for my interactive narrative here.

Awesome work on the game! :) Glad that you like the asset and thanks for crediting me

So great of you giving the fire sprites. I searched many sites but they didn’t have cool ones as these, that too for FREE. Thanks man I owe you one!

Awesome! Glad that you like it :)

can i use this in a steam game

Yes! You're very welcome to do so :)!
Mind showing me the game you'd like to use this asset on?

how exactly would i do that?

By sending me a link once you're done I'd say :) Would greatly appreciate it

btw this is my second account cause i forgot the password to wordsmith1 but heres the link: https://gamejolt.com/games/H-S-alpha/430526

how exactly would i do that?

Wow, this is for free? Master

Yes :) completely free with no strings attached!

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Hello, your fire assets are the best man, i've bought your "Animated Effects" pack and what i liked a lot was your black  fire animations, if you have time i'd love if you add a black animation too to this asset, thank you! 


Thanks for your support :) I'll see what I can do!


Something like this?

Exactly like that! great job :D


Awesome, give me a few and I'll add it to this pack

Awesome! waiting for the update.


There you go, hope you find a good use for these :)

You have me respect, Stealthix. I hope to use your visuals for the game I am developing:

I hope to show how it performs.

Thanks! I'm looking forward on that :) Would love to see my assets in your game. It looks very promising