Islandustry - A Resource Management and Base Building Game

Islandustry is a 2D pixel art game made for the Game Develop Month Jam that combines automation, base building, and resource management. As you explore an island, you gather resources such as wood, stone, and iron ore, which can be used to create new buildings and expand your operations.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Break resources using your mouse to collect them.
  • Receive research points as you gather resources.
  • Unlock new buildings using research points.
  • Create processing chains to turn resources into more advanced materials.
  • Expand your operations by building more buildings and processing chains.

No Story, Pure Gameplay

Islandustry does not have a story and is entirely focused on the gameplay.  You start with basic resources and build an industry on your own little island.

Key Features

  • Challenging resource management and automation gameplay.
  • Simple, intuitive mechanics that are easy to learn but difficult to master.
  • Beautiful 2D pixel art graphics and animations.


StealthixProgramming/Art/Game Design
Sebastian Schäfer
Game Design/Extensive Testing
Kevin Fiegenbaum, Scarred95, Primavera085,
Lester, MotherSerpent, San2, Magic_Spark

Special thanks to Kheftel with their Minimalist Pixel Fonts!

Also thanks to Godot for being the best open source game engine out there!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Automation, Casual, Clicker, Godot, Idle, Incremental, Pixel Art, Relaxing, upgrades
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button

Development log


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Using firefox, right-click to move causes the game to reload for some reason.

Any chance to move via wasd?

How make the iron bar stack looking thing

stone in the saw, confused me too for a bit

Ah yes, G L A S
(4 edits) (+1)

Please  add the option to save the game.  It's a pain to restart every time.  The game has started to lag a lot.  The music piece is very soothing and calming :)  


how are you supposed to make the plates for the hydraulic press... Without the hydraulic press

The requirement for the hydraulic press that look like plates are actually glass, which you can get by 

(Minor SPOILER follows)

putting Sand from the Macerator into the Furnace


I would like to think that this is full completion at this point

took me so long to get that much silicone (aka rarest mineral out of all stone drops)

are you interested in adding a save option so I can keep playing 

+ putting it for purchase and to be downloaded :(? 

Hey there! Thank you for asking. While I absolutely would want to further improve Islandustry or even put it up for sale - I currently do not have the time and resources to do so. That does not mean that it will never happen though! I'm glad that you seem to enjoy the game so far though

Found a thing: I auto clicked the recourses and they stacked. (hmm)
(Probalby clicking 2 recources hitbox with one click causes)

(1 edit)

One of the Spark-E upgrades needs adamant plates, titanium rods, uranium, and something I don't know how to get. Does anyone know what that circuit-looking thing is and how to get it?

Edit: Nevermind, you have to put silicon in the hydraulic press.

Great game, nice music. However, I played it twice, and at both occasions the game froze when I purchased the solar panel.


I'm glad that you enjoyed the game! Thank you very much for your feedback! ~

This game is loads of fun, serious serious potential for a full-featured game! I'd drop 15-20$ on a complete release, easy. 

how do you get the diamond lookin thing for the solar panel?

It's by putting coal into the hydraulic press

that makes sense. thanks!

(1 edit)

amazing game. also i found a duplication glitch exclusive to stone. if you click cancel in the macerator, it doesn't work the first time but it ejects the stone. if you click it again, it ejects the stone again.

edit: apparently it was a 1-time thing, when i deleted the macerator and rebuilt it, it didn't work

Wow that's an interesting bug! No idea how you did that though. Will have to look into it, thank you

also, machines keep eating my materials. i lost the stone along with a lot of other materials when i was using them.

(1 edit)

Ic can nat bylde smeltery, for Ic have but two stanes.

Robote steleþ.

I can't build past the saw. I tried to make metal rods but the saw is only accepting wood. Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong? and what is that last resource to build the hydraulic press?

(1 edit)

Thanks for reporting! I just rolled back to a build where this did not occur until the update I'm working on is finished. It should work now.

The Resource is cut stone. You create it by putting stone into the Saw

What's the grey pile of slabs that is needed for the hydraulic press? And how do I get it?

Also the sell feature doesn't work.

In the current version are a couple of unintended bugs as those that you have just mentioned. I'm working on an update :)

Sorry for the issues. I just rolled back to a build where this did not occur until the update I'm working on is finished. It should work now.

The Resource is cut stone. You create it by putting stone into the Saw


can not get the fourth of hydraulicPress build need material

Thanks for the info! I'll look into it :)

(1 edit)

how do you get the sand

you have to build the macerator and put in stone. Make sure to connect it to a generator using the yellow antennas


it would be nice to be able to cbeck what ingredients are needed for things beyond a vague picture 

I agree, I'm just not entirely sure how to implement that in an intuitive matter. But I'm sure I'll figure out a way. Thanks for the feedback :)

Maybe I jsut dont see it but the second ingredient to built the hydraulic press, what is that and how do you get it?
I would assume some form of plate but I dont know.
wouldnt know how to built it without hydraulic press sincethe saw jsut turns metals into rods. stones into the hanoi towers metal things and wood into floor planks.

nd the macerator turns stone into all sorts of stuff, where I havent really seen any of the red iron, quartz sand and such.

so no idea how to press those metal plates or whatever I need there.

in general I have no idea what turns into what and with which machine.
And, even after the consumption down upgrade, the generator eats my wood at a rate of like 1-2 wood per second.
so i cant exactly try out long or I run out of wood again

That's glass that you can get by smelting sand.


now that htere is a place where you wrote no story I will search for the story with all of my heart and if I wont find a path I will make one!

Good luck! :D


Nice game, I am sure this is on the roadmap but there needs to be a way to get the bot to break more and eventually all the resources and there needs to be a bot that will deliver resources. A nice to have is being able to build bots.

Hey there! Thanks for playing and for the feedback. I intend to implement that in the next patch 

Seems that the robot is bugged. He collects resources but I don’t get them. After around 30 minutes of playing, my resources seem to stay at the same values (using the robot for all pickups).


Hi, stealthix! I really liked this game, and I have a few comments and suggestions:

  1. If a resource stay above the energy connector, if you click in the resource, you can move both;
  2. One created resource can stay above of the cancel option of a working fabric, and if you try to click in the resource, you can cancel the production;
  3. If you scroll up or down in the resource list (left side of the screen) until the limit, the scroll will zoom the map;
  4. Sometimes the resource counter in a fabric (with me was in Saw and Hydraulic Press) don’t count, and you need only to cancel the process, click in the resource and move again to the fabric, to obtain infinite resources.

Suggestions or dreams :D

  1. The option to disconnect an electric line from a fabric;
  2. Will be nice if you write the name of the resources you need to create a fabric/solar plant/etc;
  3. The option to divide an amount of resource. Today, you need to monitor the production or send all to your base, and after click to “eject” 01, 10 or 100;
  4. More upgrades to the Spark-E, increasing the value to obtain, and giving more options about resources it can collect;
  5. Random creatures attacking the Spark-E, stopping the automatic collect, or decreasing an attribute temporarily or permanent. The player will need to repair it using research xp and/or resources;

OBS.: I’m not an English speaker and a newbie in the area, than I’m sorry if I talked anything wrong.

Hey there! Thanks for taking your time to post this valuable feedback! I’ll do my best to fix all the issues and i already have an idea or two at hand for your suggestions :) 

It’ll take a couple of days before i can get to it though

(1 edit)

I like what you've got going here, but needs a save and load function to come back to it. Perhaps a game download? Unless this is a beta, and you're beefing it up to be sold.

Thank you for your feedback! You're absolutely right

(1 edit)

Nice! A few things:

At some point, the game forgot how to merge resources.

It was not obvious to me that you had to manually select which resources the robot should collect and that most of them where deselected by default. 

I do not think the chain update did anything.

Why build the nuclear power plant when you can build a solar panel? (Though at this point you practically won the game, right?)

It is also quite hard to eject the correct resource from the base.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I noted these points down and will try to fix them today!

And yes, once you're at that point you basically won the game already, good job!

Very addictive! I'm finding it hard to generate enough fuel to get the ball rolling. Any tips?


i still need to adjust the balancing here and there, so I’ll probably patch that today 👍🏻 thank you

this is like 8 months late cuz im exploring the #2d and #automation tags rn but after you get uranium it starts cashing in and you can then get solar panels (the uranium can power literally everything as long as you got enough of it) [you need 50 for a robot upgrade]