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I can’t mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove.

Tell me izit because of I’m using mobile! (broken English)

Possibly, I've developed and tested it only with a computer

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Yo the creator talks to me !(jk) By the way, it’s a good game, hope you good days and games (LOL)

Thank you! I too wish you good days and games :)

this is awesome. felt very old school

Thank you!

Very nice polished game!  Everything you post on is bound to be good. On my first run, I got to stage 5 in in 340 turns. Quick thing that could be improved, however, is not letting health go under zero when you die. When I died, I had -1/8 health.


Got to stage 5 and there was no exit.  Spent a solid 10 minutes exploring the room to see if I missed anything but it might be a bug?  It was frustrating


Thanks for playing! There seems to be a bug in the level generation which is very tough to find, sorry about that.

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Pretty cool! A couple of plays in so far and it's a fun little game.

I experienced a bug where the game froze but the music continued playing with some minor artifacts. Also, you might want to consider giving the player the knife immediately once the game is restarted. This way I rather restart the browser to get the knife as it seems possible there won't be another weapon for a while (happened once).

Some other questions:

- Is the wraith/knight enemy or whatever the last kind or is there more after? These guys do an action every turn and I believe they do 5 damage. Pretty sure these are what the comment below is referring to - the best way to kill them is to use traps or fire against them but this requires a setup that isn't always possible. Other stronger creatures are best dealt with by counting actions and dealing damage in-between - most of these do an action every 2nd, even 3rd turn.

- Are the levels infinite or is there a final level?

- Is Big AF Axe the best weapon? :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I will look into what is causing the bug, thanks for reporting - did it occur on level generation? Good idea with giving the player a knife by default.
Knight enemy is basically the last enemy, good job on getting so far! Levels are infinite so there is no final level or boss monster. The Big AF Axe is the strongest weapon with 3 base attack.

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I think it happened when I was just opening a door. It didn't go through with opening it and froze at that point. It was level 2 or 3 when it occurred. Didn't notice anything else unusual but I'll be sure to report more details if it happens again.

In any case, amazing work with the game! Even though it's simple, it's super fun. Also loving your pixel art in your other works.

EDIT: Had this happen a few times - when going to the next level, I spawned on top or next to a monster which made taking a hit unavoidable. Perhaps consider a safe area of minimum 1-2 squares around the character or making him always spawn in a small empty room.

EDIT 2: The freezing bug happened again, and yes it was when going to the next level.

EDIT 3: Sometimes it's not possible to find the exit. Given that it can also occur that some objects spawn on top of each other, it's possible that a chest occupies the same space as the exit, blocking it.

Thanks again for your feedback.

I will try to reproduce and fix the bug! Thanks a lot for the efford and time :)

Any time. Just one more update for the non-exit - I got a torch at one of these levels and there was a small room completely walled off, but the exit wasn't there either. Might help with tracking down the problem, though.

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Final feedback:

- Sometimes chests, camp fires and staircases appear in front of a passageway, making it impossible to reach parts of the level (or taking damage doing so). This isn't a big deal though there could be a small possibility that a staircase is blocked this way. Didn't happen so far for me.


- I think it is well balanced in regards to monsters - I don't think there is a need for nerfing or buffing any of them,

- Perhaps consider doubling the HP bonus from food,

- I wasn't using the Cloud thing at all almost. I only used it once to some effect so far and it was a very unusual situation. Compare to pickaxe which seemed unusable at first, but in actuality it saved me a couple of times and even got around the non-exit bug,

- The torch is useful but I feel its effect should be buffed. Perhaps making it last for two or three levels.

Awesome ideas! Will definitely implement most (if not all) of the suggestions. Would you be interested in testing further games/updates I work on?

How do you beat the ghosts?

Hey, thanks for playing my game :) They are currently a little to strong, I will weaken them later in an update! You can beat them if you use a weapon with a base attack value of 3 (e.g. axe) and then apply a magic scroll on it - that should kill them with one attack.

Wow. This is great game. Is a change to make it fullscreen game and add it to Steam?

Thank you! As this game was made with the PICO-8 I don't really have the option to add configurations like fullscreen to the game :) Also no, this won't appear on steam

Really lovely game! The game comes with some really nice graphics and a cool funny soundtrack. I enjoyed playing it as the level generation felt really natural, it reminded me of 'Crypt of a Necrodance', but in a good way. Good work! :)

Thanks for the nice feedback :)