8 Different CC-0 Rocks
Contains Icons, Resources, Machines, Tilesets, Buildings and much more!
Build an expanding Industry on an island. Use robots for automatizing
Play in browser
A story about the friendship between death and a dog
Play in browser
Containing two tilesets and various decorations
13 Different Animated Effects
32x32 px pipes tilesets in various colors
32x32px Tileset for outdoor areas in your RPG (Now with Snow and Autumn!)
18 different items
30 Different pixel weapons and shields
A pack of 6 different shooting animations
A pack of 4 different fire animations
CC-0 Gameboy-styled Interior Tileset
CC-0 Oldschool Dungeon Tileset
CC-0 Oldschool Overworld Tileset
CC-0 Animated Pixel-Art Traps
Handdrawn objects for your interior
A low-res icon pack for role-playing games CC-0
CC-0 Animated Monsters
CC-0 Horror Fantasy Assets